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Install Help For Noob

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2005 7:08 am
by cdcook
Hey People Any help For A Noob

Trying to config the file: config.ini.php, and unable to work out what I should do or put in all these paths below. My server path is thus detailed, so if anyone could complete the puzzel for me I would be grateful:

Root Path: /home/ccook/public_html/pigalle/index.php
Web Path:


// path to the Pigalle root directory (defaults to current dir)
define('PIGA_ROOT_PATH' , './');
// main index file, front-end of Pigalle
// path to the Pigalle package sources
define('PIGA_SCRIPT_PATH' , PIGA_ROOT_PATH.'private/');
// path to Sourdough framework
define('PIGA_SOURDOUGH_PATH', PIGA_SCRIPT_PATH.'lib/sourdough/');
// path to your images
define('PIGA_ALBUMS_PATH' , PIGA_ROOT_PATH.'albums/');
define('PIGA_CACHE_PATH' , PIGA_ROOT_PATH.'cache/');
define('PIGA_ARCH_PATH' , PIGA_ROOT_PATH.'archives/');
// path to your templates
define('PIGA_TPL_PATH' , PIGA_ROOT_PATH.'templates/');
// path to the JavaScript files
define('PIGA_JS_PATH' , PIGA_ROOT_PATH.'js/');


Any help on this would be great mates...:)

Mr Cameron Cook
A Confirmed PHP Total Noob!