Uploading Images - Feature not Implemented ?!

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Uploading Images - Feature not Implemented ?!

Postby gertsen on Tue May 29, 2007 12:19 am

I just installed Pigalle, and so far I really like what I see.

But from what I can understand, this is a Picture Gallery (hence the name PiGalle), but when I click "Upload Image" I get the following message:

Sorry, this feature has not yet been implemented in the current version of Pigalle.

-How can I use Pigalle as a picture gallery, if I cannot upload images?!

You can see the gallery here:

(admin / 1234)

At first I could not get 0.75 alpha to work, so I downloaded the daily version - that worked fine (still with above error), so I tried downloading 0.75 alpha again and overwriting - so now I am running 0.75 alpha and it runs as you can see, still with the error.

-Oh and by the way: Anoyone got a Danish language-pack? ;-)
<edit>Nevermind on the language-pack, I made a Danish language-pack myself while waiting for a reply here..</edit>
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Postby gertsen on Sun Jun 03, 2007 10:48 am

Well a picture gallery has ONE PRIMARY FEATURE - to show pictures.

When you cannot add pictures to the gallery, there IS no gallery, and so this product is USELESS without the feature to add pictures.

And since noone have wanted to help me, or even hint or comment on my problems, I had no choice but to abandon Pigalle, and install an alternative gallery.

I have ended up using Coppermine Gallery instead, and from what I can see, it might even be better than pigalle.

Sorry about this, I really wanted to try Pigalle, but it turned out to be a gigantic waste of my precious time.

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