Pigalle 0.75-alpha is released

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Pigalle 0.75-alpha is released

Postby pipo on Sat Jan 07, 2006 1:40 am

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Pigalle 0.75-alpha - January 4th, 2006

 The PHPEE.COM team is proud to announce the immediate availability of
 Pigalle 0.75-alpha.
 This release finally fixes the annoying image order bug.

 [#] Fixed filename extension changing. It now works and is a lot easier.
     see FAQ: http://www.phpee.com/index.php?node=15#A3
 [#] Fixed image order in album/image view. Images are now correctly
     generated and displayed according to your album order settings.
 [*] Requires Sourdough 0.3.4-alpha.


 You can get the newest version at http://www.phpee.com/Home/Downloads
 Available file formats are: .zip and .tar.gz.

 If you install Pigalle on your system, it's recommended to subscribe
 to the announce mailing list by adding your address under

 This way, you will be informed of new updates and security fixes.
 It is a read only list, and traffic is not greater than a few
 mail every year.

Support and Documentation

 Currently there is no documentation available.
 Please check the installation instructions on:

 Feel free to subscribe to one of our mailinglists:


 Finally, the preferred way of getting help is the
 user support forum, which is available under:



 The project accepts donations to help improve the product. There is
 a "Donations" link on http://www.phpee.com.
Philip Iezzi - Development Team Leader, phpee.com
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