Error: Allowed memory size exhausted with GD library

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Error: Allowed memory size exhausted with GD library

Postby daniel on Tue Nov 18, 2008 12:46 pm

Using GD library, i encountered the following problem - this maybe usefull for other Pigalle-users:

After uploading pictures in the albums folder, i get the error Allowed memory size [...] bytes exhausted (tried to allocate [...] bytes) when i selct the album in my webbrowser. Seems that in php.ini not enough memory was allocated to create the thumbnails. Since in my case the server-administrater doesn't allow more memory, the only way was to reduce the pixel dimension of the pictures: in my case, thumbs were created correctly with a test-image of 2776x2082 pixels (337 kb); the same picture with 2777x2083 px (338 kb) created the mentioned error (Allowed memory size [...] bytes exhausted) when selcting the album. Filesize was not the point: the same image with 2776x2082 pixels, but 900 kb (using higher jpg-quality) worked without problems.
To create the other versions of the image correctly (the different size of the picture you can choose from the menu under every picture) i had to reduce the dimensions again; with my test-image, it worked for 2455x1841px, but not for 2460x1845px. That means that images that are to be included in pigalle have to be reduced in their dimenison to the mentioned values. This seems NOT to be a problem of pigalle, but of server configuration (allocated memory in php.ini) and use of GD library - see install instructions: ImageMagick is strongly recommended due to better performance. On an other server, using ImageMagick, i had no problems with "big scale" pictures of 3264x2448 px.
Will try to convince my server-administrator to install ImageMagick.

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