How can I get rid of unwanted js-message on pphlogger?

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How can I get rid of unwanted js-message on pphlogger?

Postby richardparker on Sat Dec 27, 2008 8:08 pm


please help me with this item:

a pphlogger-service on my server including the database has been crashing and since then there are pop-ups appearing on the index.htm-files outside with the snippet to connect via js to my database.
Some websites of former customers are affected and I have to stop the popups (which actually canb be closed by clicking 'enter' without giving username or password) caused by the broken pphlogger on my server.
The easiest way would be to do this from my server as I can not reach most of the index.htm with the snippets :

I want to set a file on my server which - in order to prevent the login-popup appearing- tell all code-snippets distributed to connect to my database just to shut down - or even better not to open.

Any ideas how to manage this?
Please give a detailled tip -if possible.


Is there anyone outside who could help me (a js dummie)- with this item:
after a database crash on my server some of my former customers unfortunately get a popup to login to pphlogger
because the js-file can't connect to the database.
As some of the people have have asked me for help with this I want to stop the pphlogger-js-file trying to connect to the former script on my server - this would stop the popups.
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