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little Bug in Yabook?

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2004 10:07 am    Post subject: little Bug in Yabook? Reply with quote
Hi Philip,

I've just installed Yabook (which I like very much so far), when I found some strange behaviour:

When I'm logged in as "admin" and want to edit a guestbook entry all values of this entry get deleted after submitting the form. With E_NOTICEs switched on I see some of the following notices:
Notice: Undefined variable: yaboform in D:\webs\yabook\private\ on line 169

in line 169 the code reads like that:
'name'       => $HTMLLIB->unhtmlentities(trim($yaboform['name'])),

obviously $yaboform doesn't exist at this line ... looking at the "default" action, I found following line which I then inserted in line 164 too:
$yaboform = Sd_Query::get('yaboform', Sd_Query::VT_POST);

now the sent form-values are in $yaboform. If you leave notices switched on you'll find another notice because of line 172:
'boolybcode' => ($yaboform['ybcode_on']) ? '{TRUE}' : '{FALSE}',

I changed this to
'boolybcode' => (isset($yaboform['ybcode_on'])) ? '{TRUE}' : '{FALSE}',

and everything is fine. (same problem at line 219)

I hope this helps, if I'm completely wrong, don't hesitate to let me know.

Thanks for providing your software to the public.

keep up your good work,

ps: I'm currently experimenting with your Sourdough framework ... 'til now I'm quite happy with it, but I only managed to use some DB-stuff, which was a breeze ... I hope the other parts are as easy to use as that (templating, forms etc.)

pps: I know, most people turn E_NOTICE off, but that sometimes leads to unclean code (especially because most programmers are lazy people). As I see in of Yabook, you think the same (error_reporting(E_ALL)), don't you?
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